Merchandising and packaging represent an important element in branding processes. At Neexie Media we are aware of the great potential of this support. Merchandising will provide customers and potential customers with a high visibility of your brand while stimulating memories.


In our Agency, we specialize in providing you with broad solutions in merchandising business: from paper bags, plastic bags, pens, key chains, lanyards to cups and many other itmes. We can provide many different customizable products, as well as textile screen printing such as T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, caps, shirts or uniforms.


The merchandising is a mean of support that – by its characteristics – can become an inseparable mean within the strategy of corporate communication.

If you want to personalize products for your advertising campaigns or as promotional items, or you need stationery, we are the answer to your needs. We can provide you with appropriate and personalized solutions with an excellent value for money. Ask for quote now.

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