Graphic Design

The art reflected through graphic design represents values of the company. These tangible and intangible values are noticed by the viewers and can affect their decision whether to contact the company and purchase their product or service. The design makes the client identify, recognize and link/connect determined colors, logos and other visual elements to the company.

Everyone in Neexie Media is fully aware of that fact. That is why we undertake projects that are oriented towards the needs of our clients. We never forget about their ideas and we always create designs to meet their goals and expectations.

Products and services provided by a company may vary through time – they can change, they can be replaced by a new one, updated or modernized. However, the brand’s identity persists. It stays in the customers’ heads. This is the main reason why each company needs branding strategy to be efficient as the markets are more and more demanding.


represents company´s

philosophy and identity.               

Scope of our services

Designing company’s logo

Creating manuals and Corporate Dossiers

Packaging y envoltorios

Web Design and Programming

Designing packaging and wrappings

Creating advertising items: flyers, brochures, business cards, leaflets, triptychts, posters, roll up

Creating professional catalogues and banners

Editorial layout

Large format posters

Preparing materials for Fair and Congresses